Better Materials - Better Design - Longer Lasting

Our Mission

How We Started

Montage started out of a neccessity. Audra was looking for a bag on the market that she could carry around all the things she needed for a full day. She works at American Heart Associations and goes school to school raising money for heart research.

After searching the market she couldn't find anything that solved her problems. After partnering up with professional designers Montage Everyday Bag was formed.

She took it to Kickstarter to crowdfund the first production run and the rest is history.

Over 1 million dollars raised Montage was on the ground and running.

We now are on a mission to create beatiful versatile bags designed for women on the go.

What we are Passionate About

We care deeply about 2 main things

- Long lasting and Versatile Designs

- Sustainability and innovative materials.

We try to use cutting edge materials that are either sustainable or take materials out of the landfill and use them in our designs.

On top of that we are passionate about planting trees in order to fight climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.