We are committed to providing you with durable and well-crafted products. They are built to withstand your everyday adventures and to accompany you for years to come. 

If for any reason your product has a defect due to workmanship, we will help you resolve the issue. This may include a broken zipper or hardware.

Though our products are built to last for years to come, all materials do deteriorate over time from normal wear and tear. For this reason, we’re unable to repair or replace products due to normal wear and tear. 

We don't ask many questions for warranty submissions. Our only request is that prior to submitting your warranty claim you ask yourself whether or not the issue is affecting the functionality of your product or the safety of your gear. We do our best to keep products in use for as long as possible. This is the best way to promote sustainability and keep items out of landfill. 


The Process

As a first step, we ask you to submit a warranty claim by sending our the below questions to our email address. Once we receive your product, we will first try to repair it. If we’re unable to repair the product, we will send you another replacement of at least equal (and workable!) condition. Please allow 10-14 days for warranties to be processed upon receiving them. 



1) Email our support team at hello@montagebags.com with the following information.

- Name

- Order Number

- Description of problem

- Picture or video or the problem (Required)

2) After we receive your request we will either help you repair it or help you exchange your bag for a unit in working order.


Please note that "Out of Stock" products may not be available for replacement of the same model. We will do our best to replace your product with another model of equal value.